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Mã sản phẩm: HYPLD-8

Hãng sản xuất: BOYU


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HYPLD-8 Transmission Line Stringing Equipment Tools Drone Or UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

New Type Of Stringing Equipment Tools Drone or UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Technical Parameter Description Remark
The size of drone 680/850/1100/1300mm Any size can be made
The folding size of the drone All aluminum folding arm, aluminum made Umbrella folding
The weight of drone 2-5 kg  
Maximum takeoff weight 9-12 kg  
The payload of drone 4-6 kg  
Rotor of drone 15-28 inch full carbon fiber Match the best size according to the model
Wiring devices It can achieve remote control wire  
Remote controller 2.4G AT9 6 / 10 can be collocated according to configuration
Battery of drone High performance lithium polymer lithium battery  
22.2V/16000mA 12000/16000/24000
Charger High-power lithium balance charging equipment  
UAV self-stabilizing system availble  
Motor speed 1200r/min  
Battery life without cargo About 25 minutes  
Battery life with cargo Within 20 minutes  
Pilot rope 3.5/2.0 Dupont or Dyneema rope  
Flight altitude 0-1500m Adjustable
Maximum take-off altitude 4500m  
The approach of
taking off and landing
Wind resistance ≤8.0m/s Wind resistance can reach six levels
Flight speed 14m/s It can be arbitrarily adjustable according to required need
Hover It can hovering in the air at any position
and return automatically when out of control
Flight attitude It can fly in any direction,
reverse flight and slam the brakes on
Hover precision horizontal±1.5m ,vertical±0.5m  
Time for taking off or landing ≤1min  
Body Material Carbon fiber  
Temperature range -20 ~ 50 degrees celsius  

Drone for power line project
It has two type, Easy to carry around.
The battery warranty lasts for 3 months, the motor warranty lasts for 6 months, the ESC warranty lasts for 6 months, and the unmanned aerial vehicle warranty lasts for one year if no artificial damage is caused to other electronic products.

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Bộ tô vít 6 món SPERO 1851-906BX

Bao gồm  6 tô vít loại 2 cạnh và 4 cạnh với kích cỡ khác nhau:

  • Loại 2 cạnh: 4x100L, 5.5x125L, 6.5x150L, 8x175L
  • Loại 4 cạnh: PH0x75L, PH1x75L, PH2x100L


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